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Very Own Web is an online business managed and backed by a diverse fully funded private Australian company, TCG Industrial,  located in Perth, Western Australia

Our servers are located in the state-of-the-art premium data centre in Illinois USA. The Equinox data centre in Illinois is interconnected to over 200 of the fastest parts of the internet, providing incredibly reliable web page hosting and unparalleled access - worldwide. There simply is no comparable service available in Australia, despite the propaganda by other providers. Telecommunications infrastructure in Australia is rated amongst the SLOWEST in the developed world. We guarantee 99.9% service availability via dedicated Tier1 networks, significantly different to anything available from servers physically located in Australia. We back all our claims with a 30 day money back guarantee* on all our hosting packages. It is a completely false and misleading claim that a server hosted on a slow Australian network is superior to large US based data centres. Of the top 500 internet sites (including most of the largest "Australian" web site,) all 500 are hosted in large US data centres, because of the proven speed, reliability, security and redundancy of the primary internet backbones. A server actually hosted in Australia is about as far away from the bulk of worldwide internet users as possible. The internet is a worldwide market place, it makes perfect sense to utilise world class services closest to the bulk of the world's internet users. Similar service providers in Australia engage in anti-competitive behaviour by fixing prices as demonstrated by the unusually expensive ".au" domain names, they are actually the most expensive in the world! Therefore veryownweb.com promise to provide our clients with world class service at world competitive pricing. Although not associated with veryownweb.com the largest names on the internet today use the same data centre.

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Thank you for your interest in our privacy policies.

Fortunately we are more interested in maintaining your privacy than dabbling in trading international secrets, or your personal information. We do however greatly value your privacy and confidentiality.  No personal information is used, sold or stored on this web page. No personal information is sold, lent, borrowed, given or traded with anybody.  We do not send Spam emails or unsolicited advertising emails. We do not reveal user information to anybody for any reason. If for some reason your personal information has been received via printed material (such as a letter, printed email or written account application form) this paper is shredded and destroyed as soon as possible.

Our privacy policy is very simple.  We mind our own business, and let people go about their own business. We provide a quality online service, without the attitude of similar sites.

Abuse of any service such as SPAM email emails, sending or publishing adult, porno graphic, racist, illegal or otherwise offensive material constitutes a breach of our acceptable usage policy and will result in an immediate cancellation of your service without further notice.

Our 30 day refund guarantee covers the cost of your 12 months hosting, but does not include your once off $29 establishment fee.  We reserve the right to ask 1 question prior to processing any refund request, and that is "what element of our service were you not 100% satisfied with?"

We do no allow minors under the age of 13 to access our services unless under the supervision of a caring adult.


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We do anything that it takes to win your business. Feel free to discuss your individual needs. we can tailor a hosting package to your requirements and budget.
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Web hosting is very competitive and over subscribing services on price alone is not viable long terms, the average web hosting provider is in business for only 18 months! Care must be taken to select a web hosting provider with strong long term prospects to protect YOUR online identity. VeryOwnWeb provide a secure and robust web hosting service.