web page design & marketing

  • It seems these days anybody and everybody can design a web page, however this is far from the truth. Please contact us for an individual no obligation design and quotation for your requirements.

  •  It is no longer good enough just to have a smart looking web page. how will your clients find your web page before your competitors? Our professional web page optimisation and marketing services can assist with higher rankings in search engine placement and structured search engine submission. We are pleased to offer a free evaluation of an existing web page if you have one, please contact us.


web page monitoring

  • Sure, everybody guarantees 99.9% server availability, but because of the nature of the internet (inter-connected networks) this is nearly impossible to actually guarantee, there is simply too many people involved. Our monitoring services can notify you by email or SMS of potential problems before you lose clients, or more importantly, before your reputation is potentially damaged. having your web page unavailable is simply not acceptable to any online business. Internally veryownweb.com already monitor all servers, services and network connectivity 24x7.


specials and highlights

We do anything that it takes to win your business. Feel free to discuss your individual needs. we can tailor a hosting package to your requirements and budget.
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we have just one hosting package to keep things simple. $999 industrial strength hosting that includes genuine support, web page monitoring and no hidden extras, unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases, unlimited transfers to name a few.
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we are currently offering FREE setup or free bulk transfer from other providers, apply now or you may miss out.
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Web hosting is very competitive and over subscribing services on price alone is not viable long terms, the average web hosting provider is in business for only 18 months! Care must be taken to select a web hosting provider with strong long term prospects to protect YOUR online identity. VeryOwnWeb provide a secure and robust web hosting service.